EU integration

In order to accelerate Kosovo’s EU integration processes the programme focuses on rule of law and democratic governance requirements of the European Union towards the Kosovo institutions and society at large. It aims to analyse and seek the fulfilment of the EU requirements deriving from various EU-Kosovo relations specifically enlisted under the EU Progress Reports, Structured dialogue on Rule of Law, the Stabilisation and Association Agreement, Visa Liberalisation Roadmap, etc. Furthermore, in order to engage actively civil society KIPRED leads on the analysis of the EU requirements specifically in the areas of anti-corruption, combating of organised crime and independence of judiciary, for the purpose of increasing public knowledge, scrutiny and pressure on delivery of such requirements.

Furthermore, KIPRED through the European Integration programme aims to deal actively on issues requesting urgent response in speeding up the mid-term democratic development of Kosovo with the promotion and consolidation of democratic practices and democratic decision-making of key public stakeholders. The objectives of the programme are fulfilled through policy analysis published in a barometer on Rule of Law and quarterly policy briefs also available here.

The programme focuses on the monitoring of:


  • Rule of law and fight against corruption;
  • Increasing institutions’ transparency and accountability toward public and media;
  • Access to justice for vulnerable groups including of women and communities;


Latest Activities