Political parties & elections

Political Parties are an important component of democracy. Through their participation in elections, through their work on legislation  and executive (body or level), and also through the mobilization of citizens on  specific political concepts, political subjects offer important solutions to the citizens, as well as an opportunities to politically participate to change the future of their country.

KIPRED since its foundation was engaged in this field by working directly with Kosovo’s political parties with the aim of creation of an open environment in which the citizens can participate. As an Institute, KIPRED except of policy papers in this field,  it also offers an practical approach by developing mechanisms and modules to contribute for a stronger relation between them and the public, and it helps political parties regarding their internal organization, decision making, and country governance.

These are main fields to focus on the program:

  • Internal Democracy and Political Subjects
  • Local and Central Elections
  • Reform of election system

Latest Activities