Violeta Haxholli


Violeta is a researcher at the Kosovar Institute for Policy Research and Development - KIPRED. Her primary focus within the institute is public policy development, rule of law and European integration. Before joining KIPRED, Violeta has completed an internship program in the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo, in the Committee on Internal Affairs, Security and Supervision of KSF, in a project funded by USAID and implemented by NDI (National Democratic Institute) for the Strengthening of Kosovo Assembly.


Violeta holds a Bachelor’s degree in the field of Political Science at the University of Prishtina (2009-2012). She is now pursuing a master's degree at the University of Prishtina, in the program European Integration and Public Administration. In addition, she has completed several academic programs offered by some local NGOs and international organizations, such as the Summer Program offered by the American University in Kosovo, European Integration School organized by KFOS and KCSF, Political Academy organized by FES etc.

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